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Australia and New Zealand Education Group are the official education agent for universities, colleges and schools in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Malaysia and Singapore. We provide free, expert and independent service for anyone looking to study in Australia or other English speaking countries.

ANZ Education Group counsellors will try to ensure the process of applying to your chosen education institution is as straightforward and stress-free as possible for you. Most of our education counsellors have visited, studied, lived, and worked in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and USA.

Although our services are totally free, we will try our best that you choose the right course and institution which is suitable for your future career. As an official education agent, ANZ Education Group will ensure that you receive high quality education which is fit with your budget and expectation.

More importantly, we want you to get internationally recognised qualification so you can work with International company in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Singapore or Malaysia.

Aussie Flag"Australia and New Zealand Education Group (ANZEG) is the official education agent for high quality education institutions, schools, colleges and universities in Australia and New Zealand".

NZ Flag"We only represent selected education institutions in USA, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia that fit into our selection of criteria".


About Our Services:

    The most important factor as a main capital to get success study abroad is mastery English language. We can provide advice about which English test you should take IELTS / iBT(TOEFL). We can advice how you should learn). If you manage to achieve high score in IELTS/iBT you can continue your studies in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Malaysia, Singapore or any other English speaking countries.
    Our friendly and expert education counsellors can help you to get the complete information about study field, career prospect, destination city and school, college or university based on your interest, skill and budget. For more info click here....